4 Things To Consider Before Going For Roof Repairs

The role of the roof ranges from being a protective structure that keeps you, your family and belongings safe from the elements to a value-adding element that exudes some aesthetics. A correctly set up roof should hold up over time, able to face everything from torrential downpours, glaring sun, heavy snow, and strong winds. However, people often take the level of endurance that roofs have for granted only to be appreciative when it all starts crumbling and necessitating repairs or replacement.

However, there is a need for homeowners to take a step back and assess the situation to determine whether or not the repairs are necessary or if a replacement will be the ideal solution. Moreover, they need to consider different things that constitute having a structurally secure roof over their head. Below four things worth considering before going for roof repairs.

1. What type of roof do you have in your home?
First, consider the type of roofing you have in your home and what you want. Every roof type has its qualities that range from the design, application and cost to expected lifespan. For instance, metal or concrete roofs are heavy compared to asphalt roofs, but the latter has a shorter lifespan than the former. It is necessary to consider the benefits and drawbacks of roofing materials and if the repairs will hold and give long-term solutions or be a common thing.

2. How long has the roof been in use?
At times doing repairs will not suffice and a replacement will be the best solution. But then again, opting to replace the roofing should only be an option that is necessary. The best way of knowing which of the two will be the right thing is to find figure out how long your current roof has been in use. Some roof last for around 20 years and others can last for 30 – 50 years. It all depends on the type of roofing materials as well as other factors such as the roofing design. Overall, every roof is subject to wear and tear, and it is prudent to consider when the roof was installed to determine if it is old and the repairs will not suffice thus a replacement will be the best option. If you need scaffolding with your roof repairs you can contact EPCD.

Roof repair

3. Is the roof’s frame in good shape?
The nature of the roofing problems you face tends to influence what to do; however, things such as leaks lower the structural integrity of the roof. It is essential to inspect the frame to ensure that ish still provides enough support for the roof. Check for broken or weak spots and have these repairs before proceeding to repair or replace the roofing. If the roof is old, then it is wise not to layer a new roofing system over it before checking if the frame that holds up the entire structure is still in good condition.

4. Will you do the repairs yourself or hire a roofing contractor?
The Do-It-Yourself approach for dealing with roof repair is most suited for minor jobs. Overall, DIY roof replacement, repair, or installation is never a great idea. The nature of the work at hand will govern what route to take. But it is wise to consult with the roofing experts even if you have some knowledge about what to do and have some decent construction experience. The DIY approach may be cost-saving, but anything can go wrong, and you need to consider if it is all worth the risk.